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How to Get a LEED Rating for Any Type of Building

(Except Homes)


How to Get a LEED Rating for Any Type of Building

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Step 6: Do the Work and Document as You Go.

Team members will begin to design the building project per the vision outlined at the beginning of the design process, using the requirements as outlined by the appropriate LEED rating system.
  1. Credit Requirements. Each LEED credit has a specific intent and list of requirements that must be followed for the credit to be achieved. These requirements are worked into the design through the plans, specifications, drawings, calculations, reports and Owner's Project Requirements and the Basis of Design.

  2. Upload to LEED Online. As the required documentation is completed and assembled, each team member uploads the materials to the appropriate area in LEED Online and checks in with the LEED Team Manager.

Step 7: Submit Your Documentation for Review.

Once all the required documentation is complete for the LEED credits that the project team is attempting, and everything is uploaded to LEED Online, the LEED Project Manager will notify GBCI to start the certification review process.

This can occur (and it's recommended) after design is complete (before construction begins) and again after construction and commissioning is complete. With two reviews, you get better odds of successful credit achievement.

Step 8: Celebrate!

GBCI will let you know when the LEED rating has been achieved, and what level. Wooo hooo! Congratulations. Host a media splash and request a visit from the USGBC local chapter leadership, local political officials, building users and team members to congratulate, celebrate and create community excitement around the huge achievement that is a LEED rated building or neighborhood.

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