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Job Board

Green jobs and green collars; resources, education, training and job boards for the new economy.

Green Dream Jobs
A comprehensive source for green jobs from around the country.

Contractors: Do You Know How to Build LEED?
The Contractor plays a significant role in the creation of a LEED project by implementing all design strategies and provides documentation for a third to half of the credits normally attempted with a LEED project. In one way or another, the contractor has an effect on all but a total of seven credits. Planning is the key to success with...

White Collar Jobs - Going Green
America's interest in going green has skyrocketed in recent years. The research firm Clean Edge noted a 40 percent increase in revenue growth for solar, wind, biofuel and fuel cell energy. There are currently 8.5 million jobs in renewable-energy and energy-efficiency industries. According to estimates, by the year 2030, 40 million people - or 1...

Women Sustainability Leaders
Female leadership blends economic and social value creation in a combination of so-called 'masculine' and 'feminine' values with, among other things, competition, linear and rational thinking on the one side, and cooperation, holistic and intuitive thinking on the other. The following women embody soulful leadership and are transitioning our...

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