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Going Green: Strategies Toward Sustainability


You've planned your work, now work your plan. The nuts and bolts of going green, from selecting your facilities, to greening your HR policies, to purchasing carbon credits can be found here.
  1. Sustainability 101
  2. Built Environment
  3. Social Justice and Equity
  4. Dollars and Sense
  1. Business Operations
  2. Green Policies and Regulations
  3. Inspiration

Sustainability 101

Looking for ways to conduct business that is easy on the environment, that increase the quality of life of people and that yield huge financial success? Look no further. About.com will help you and your organization maximize your triple bottom line - planet, people and profit - working with all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

Built Environment

A planet focused organization strives to keep planet in mind and offers products or services that contribute to the rejuvenation of the Earth and its ecosystems. Sustainability minded organizations utilize the precautionary principle (if you're not sure of the risk, don't do it in the first place!), reduce initial impacts and mitigate those impacts through good environmental works such as purchasing carbon offsets.

Social Justice and Equity

A viable society is comprised of viable communities. An organization that wants to succeed at sustainability needs to have healthy relationships with employees,vendors and suppliers, and support families and minorities. An enhanced quality of life for people defines a sustainable organization.

Dollars and Sense

"Creating conditions that are conducive to life is the only definition of economics that will allow us to persist." - Paul Hawken Generating cash flow and profit is important to all organizations to remain solvent and to continue operations, and to the health of our planet and life on it. Taking a long term, macro approach while working within the realm of sustainability has been proven to make dollars and sense all the way down to the bottom line.

Business Operations

Find the sweet spot between making a profit, creating a sustainable product or service, and walking your organization's green talk. HR policies, greening your facilities, purchasing local and reducing waste all contribute to a sustainable society.

Green Policies and Regulations

Policy and regulations help shift to sustainability through taxation, incentives and regulations such as capping carbon emissions.


Leaders and organizations that are a beacon of light to the sustainability community, acting as heros for the planet.

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